Clean Slate project in Aurukun with Royal Flying Doctors

The Aurukun initiative began in late March, 2014, following an agreement between artist Samantha Wortelhock and the Royal Flying Doctor Service for “Sam” to work with clients of the RFDS Aurukun Wellbeing Centre to develop ideas for the mural’s design and then to express those ideas in paint. The work took place for three days every fortnight for three months.

Marlene Dalton, Mental Health Recovery Practitioner with the Royal Flying Doctor Service at the Aurukun Wellbeing Centre, initiated the project.

The healing or therapeutic value of the project was underpinned by an emphasis on physical health, which was helped by a donation of non-toxic paint from Byron Bay manufacturer ecolour. Thank you ecolour. The team loved working with your paints.

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 2.16.56 PM

Breakawayart website

Check this out – they use ecolour Polyclear

Take a look at the link for this product, they use ecolour Polyclear on the Little Green Room products.

“Finishing Touches

Our PlayCube Indoor play spaces are finished with water based zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) clear finish, the only one available in Australia.”

Polyclear on Little Green Room

Zero VOC 2 Pak Epoxy

eoclour has introduced a Zero VOC 2 pak Epoxy to our range.

This product is perfect for high traffic areas and garage floors.

Designed for concrete floors in areas of light to medium vehicle traffic and where occasional spillage of mild chemicals may occur. Very low odor during application makes it ideal for use in schools, healthcare facilities, food service areas, office buildings, hotels or in any area where odors are an issue.

ecolour recently supplied Melbourne Airport with this product with great success.

The product is available in 4 litre pak at $150.00

Call us for all the details for this great new product 1300 326 568


Did you know ecolour can match any paint colour?

Yes it is true, you choose a colour from any paint pallet and ecolour can match the colour for you.

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This means:

  • our prices are competitive
  • our paint applies like all other paint
  • we can colour match
  • we can get the paint to you anywhere in Australia
  • there is no odour
  • And the paint is non toxic, so no harm to anyones health!

Call us for a quote today…..1300 326 568

This is a testimonial from one of our lovely customers

Hi I wanted to give some feedback on your lovely paint for your website.

ecolour paint is like painting with liquid silk and it is comparatively priced with no smelly toxic paint around.

I always hated painting and the smell of traditional paints.  Now painting is fun with ecolour and there isn’t the toxic or nasty smell that lingers for days and make you feel sick.

The texture of the paint is luxurious and silky.  The traditional paints I used in the past feel thin and cheap in comparison.

My partner (a sceptic for everything) was amazed at the quality and richness of ecolour paints and we were both stunned by the results.

My worn out wooden floors have come to life and have a beautiful shiny surface that makes me smile every time I look at it.

Thank you for providing an amazing healthy alternative.

Once you paint with ecolour YOU WON’T WANT TO PAINT WITH ANYTHING ELSE.

Thank you ecolour


Positive Footprints are using ecolour on 2 new houses in Melbourne

Positive Footprints have used ecolour on previous jobs due to the ethics they design & build by.

These are some shots from the last project.

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 11.03.34 AM

Solar Sollew

Solar Sollew

Solar Sollew

As Positive Footprints were so happy with this project they are now using ecolour on the next 2 new houses.

We will feature pictures as soon as the project is complete, in the meantime take a look at there webiste & the information relating to the sustainable design & construction – point 4.

Website – Positive Footprints

Solar Sollew House Brochure A4





The Ocean Shores school mural is soooo beautiful………

Sam from Break Away art recently painted the mural at the Ocean Shores School in the Northern Rivers.

This is what Sam had to say about ecolour paint.

“My company, BreakAway Art Pty Ltd takes creative programs into schools, remote communities and businesses, often working with children and disadvantaged people. I use murals for the purposes of visual storytelling. I work with ecolour paints to keep participants and myself safe. I am used to working with fine art oils and acrylics on my small scale works and I adore working with ecolour’s paints on these public art epics.

The colours shine, the quality of the paint is perfect and dealing with the company has been a pleasure. They deliver on time, without fail and ask about the job so I am covered in terms of undercoat requirements and quantities. They understand my needs and care about the results.

Thank you so much. I love working with the paint.”

Here are the photos of the mural painted with ecolour paint.


Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 2.11.14 PM


Rydges Bell City and Exhibition Street Melbourne

ecolour paints are being used at Rydges Bell City and Exhibition Street Melbourne.

Recently these hotels were introduced to the benefits of ecolour paint, it really is a no brainer for the decision maker when -

  • ecolour can colour match any colour
  • ecolour paint has zero out gassing from the paint
  • there is no odour
  • ecolour paint performs like all other paints
  • our prices are competitive

All of these reasons are why ecolour paint is being used more and more.

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 11.06.10 AM BELL STREET

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 12.14.03 PM EXHIBITION STREET


Zero VOCs

ecolour paints have Zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) outgassing.
They are completely non toxic and will not affect the quality of your indoor air
whether home, office or commercial premises.

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