Choosing a stronger wall colour for your bedroom

Various shades of white have always been the choice when decorating a home.  The reasons behind this is white paint acts as a blank canvas & a safe option.  Which is true, however using colour as a backdrop in your home can really change your living spaces.

Perhaps your choice is to use white or lighter colours throughout the living areas then try using a stronger shade in the bedroom to create a difference and show off personalities in the rooms.

A darker colour can act as a brilliant background for the doors, trims, linen and accessories to create the appropriate mood in the room.

Purple room Aqua room










Perfect weather for painting in Northern NSW

Today is the perfect day for painting – not too cold, not too hot and not wet, with just a slight breeze.

What more could you want – Ecolour Paint to complete your project?

Call in and see us in Byron Bay for all your painting needs or ring your order through to our friendly and helpful staff 1300 326 568.  Our Melbourne store is closed today for the AFL, reopening Monday 5th.

Ecolour stocks Undercoat, Ceiling White, Interior & Exterior Low Sheen, Satin & Gloss, Polyclear and all your decking needs.

We look forward to helping you with your spring projects.  But just incase you are not in Byron Bay today, here is how it looks……


Green Star rating on the “Streets of Barangaroo”

Barangaroo will be among the first office buildings to target 6 Star Green Star building and designs.

This is a perfect fit for ecolour as our product is the one and only paint product that will earn these buildings a green star point.  Ecolour was chosen by St George Bank to achieve a healthy and safe workplace, reward continual innovation and provide optimal air quality for the owners, tenants and customers.

Ecolour paints have zero VOC outgassing and as a result they provide improved contractor and occupant health benefits that are superior to any other paint manufacturer.

Read this article as Barangaroo explores one of the greenest business centres


How do bee’s know which hive to go to

Our regular customer came in this week to purchase paint to paint their new beehives.

They specifically asked for pastel yellow, green, blue & pink.

The bee’s know by the colour of the hive which hive they have to go to.  Bee’s see these primary colours as ultravoilet colours.  Many tests have been conducted using colour cards & bee feed, adding proof to this theory & the colour specific bee hives here.