Did you know ecolour painted the Sheraton Hotel in Melbourne?

The Sheraton Hotel Melbourne located at 27 Little Collins Street was been fully painted internally with ecolour paints.

ecolour was chosen for our ZERO VOC paints.

This premium paint performed very well, tinted up to any colour the hotel designers specified and caused no interruptions to the service of the hotel to there patrons.  As there is no smell or outgassing from ecolour paint hotel staff could continue working while the hotel was being painted.

See the outcome for yourself and let us know your thoughts.


sheraton-melbourne-bathroom27-Little-Collinssheraton-melbourne-hotel room


ecolour paints introductory video

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Non Toxic Paint – ecolour is the first to be certified with GECA new standards

ecolour first GECA licensee under new Paints and Coatings standard

We are pleased to welcome our newest licensee, ecolour, manufacturer of premium quality paint. It is the first licensee to have its products certified under GECA’s new Paints and Coatings standard, after passing its audit with DLCS International.

ecolour paints contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to human health, and have been certified by The Carbon Reduction Institute as being carbon neutral. Its paints are water-based, can be tinted to any colour, and are suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications. The paints also make use of recycled and refined waste engine oil, which acts as a preservative to maintain durability and smooth application.

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ECO-2014 Paints & Coatings

ecolour paints Eco Essence Homes in Northern New South Wales

Eco Essence Homes show families how to find sanctuary in homes that breathe.

Eco-Essence Homes provides the services required for building your own eco sustainable home.

Now ecolour are providing the paint for these breathable eco sustainable homes with Non Toxic Paint


Lot-5-Dining eco essence



ecolour is the first licensee to be certified under the new GECA standard

 Good Environmental Choice Australia – GECA certification program develops standards against which products and services are independently audited.

ecolour has certified products and services which gives consumers the confidence that our product has a lower impact on the environment and human health and also addresses important social considerations.


Help make ecolour one of Australia’s top 50 Sustainable Building Leaders

Your Future Home is creating a list of the Top 50 leaders, those who inspire and are focused on sustainable building in Australia.

Ecolour has been nominated so you can vote  for us today.

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ecolour’s New Satin Range!

We are pleased to announce that ecolour’s premium quality, non toxic paints are now available in a ‘Satin’ finish.

With ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) our paint promotes the best possible indoor air quality that is non toxic to people and the environment.

Both our Eco Living Interior and Eco Weather Proof Exterior are available in our Satin finish.

The Satin range offers superior dirt shedding properties while still hiding surface imperfections in the substrate or application better than a gloss.

The molecular composition of the Satin finish also deters microorganism growth.

Our Satin range is popular for outdoor surfaces having very similar sheen levels to Colorbond.

The Satin range is available in four bases – white, light tone, deep tone and accent.

Competitively priced with mainstream alternatives. out satin finish can be tinted to almost any colour from any colour chart and has been proven to provide excellent coverage, durability and finish.



Air Pollution and Your Health

When most people think about air pollution and their health images of smog and car exhaust come to mind.

However the average person spends approximately 90% of their time indoors and the pollutant levels in most indoor environments are considerably worse than those found in the air outside.

Many studies have found links between the toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and many health problems including sick building syndrome, asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, damage to immune and nervous systems, decreased fertility and even cancer.

A recent report by Dr Mark Donohoe suggests along with diet, the indoor environment may exert the single biggest modifiable influence on the health of the community.

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Zero VOCs

ecolour paints have Zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) outgassing.
They are completely non toxic and will not affect the quality of your indoor air
whether home, office or commercial premises.

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