Ecolour finishing painting ATO Box Hill

We are almost at the end of this remarkable project and relationship with Grocon at the ATO Box Hill.

Ecolour works with Grocon to achieve the green star ratings they deliver on projects.

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Mat White Painting has a new website

Mat & his team have been supporting Ecolour & the use of non toxic paint for many years.

As they are growing & moving forward they recognise the need for an improved quality of life for there customers & the environment.

Hence our ongoing relationship with Mat White Painting & Ecolour.  We look forward to working together & wish Mat & his team all the best.

Check this link…..

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Ecolour starts painting 5×4 Hayes Lanes Project

The goal of the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project is to be a super energy efficient and zero carbon dwelling in the heart of the City of Melbourne.

Ecolour is the preferred supplier of non toxic, zero VOC paint on this project and we are just about to get started.

Check all the details here….

5x4 Hayes Lanes start


Do you know what paint to choose?

Colour is one of the simplest way to transform a space, but a good paint job requires more consideration than slapping on a couple of coats. Of course, the better the preparation, the better the finish, but before you even start rolling out the drop sheets, spend time working out which is the best paint product for the job.

There are so many types of paint on the market with differing descriptions that the process of choosing the right one can be difficult. But in reality, there’s just a handful of basic products to select from.

Ecolour has these & can assist you with your selection, call us today 1800 326 568

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Liberty Place Precint = Sydney

Ecolour posted a blog in August last year about the paint we supplied Liberty Place Precinct.

Now they have an award, read about here…..

Exciting news, Ecolour continues to work with Grocon in 2015

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Bytes dentistry painted in Ecolour paints

Bytes of Byron & Bytes of Northcote used ecolour paints to paint there eco dentistry practices.

Ecolour Paint is a perfect compliment to Bytes green dentistry approach.

Bytes are passionate about the patient health, environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

Bytes of Byron has recently won The Green Business Award on World Environment Day.

Read more about Bytes of Byron and Bytes of Northcote (opening end of March 2015)

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Product List

Ecolour Paint for the Interior

Undercoat – Eco Living Low Sheen – Eco Living Satin – Eco Living Gloss – Ceiling White

Ecolour Paint for the Exterior

Undercoat – Eco Weatherproof Low Sheen – Eco Weatherproof Satin –  Weatherproof Low Gloss

All non toxic paint, all VOC free, its a no brainer where to buy your paint – Ecolour 1300 326 568

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Welcome back to the New Year

Ecolour looks forward to hearing from our customers & the anticipation of a new year of painting ahead of us all.

The staff in Byron Bay & Abbotsford are hear to assist with your painting needs.

Did you know Ecolour can add anti mould treatment to your paint? Read on to find out more……….



Ecolour uses an extremely active, sophisticated, anti-mould treatment to give long term protection against Algae and Bacteria.

This product is resistant to even the most harsh Australian conditions.

This product exceeds all current legislation in not only Australia but also in the EU, thus ensuring safety not only to applicators and home owners but the environment.

All Ecolour paints come standard with passive anti-mould treatment, and Ceiling Paint come as standard with active anti-mould.

Anti-mould treatment is recommended in interior wet areas and external where overhanging vegetation or shaded areas can lead to conditions that mould may grow.

At only $1 per litre of paint treated this is a easy way of keeping your house looking its best

Zero VOCs

ecolour paints have Zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) outgassing.
They are completely non toxic and will not affect the quality of your indoor air
whether home, office or commercial premises.

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