COVID-19 Updates from Ecolour

Stuart McPhee
Ecolour National Sales Manager

To our fellow Aussies,

Ecolour accepts and is able to quickly adapt to the changing environment as the world comes to terms with the ongoing effects of Coronavirus.  We understand that human to human contact needs to be minimised, all products leaving our shops need to be disinfected and our couriers need to be complying with latest medical advice to reduce any chance of transmission.  At the same time we understand the importance of continuing business as normal to keep the economic wheels turning and to ensure customers can continue to receive healthier products that won’t have a negative impact on people’s immunity.  We also believe in full transparency regarding COVID-19 and providing information to customers to ensure everyone is confident we are walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

As such we have implemented many new measures to improve and strengthen our service during these difficult times (see below) and will keep our website updated as they change.  Our paints are certified as Zero VOC and so are the healthiest option for anyone stuck at home and wanting to repaint as they won’t reduce indoor air quality.  Other paints outgas VOCs for years after application negatively impacting Human health in many ways including your immunity and respiratory system.  At this critical time we even more strongly would recommend avoiding exposure to anything that may potentially increase your chances of getting or fighting COVID-19 should you become infected.

Ecolour has over ten years experience producing Australia’s healthiest paints, selling them online or over the phone and delivering them direct to your doorstep.  We are committed to ensuring we comply with the latest medical advice as soon as it changes so we can all get through this pandemic with as much normality and peace of mind as possible.  It is essential over the coming months that we all come together and support each other in every way we can and if anyone has any other ideas on how Ecolour could improve our service we are all ears.  We take this pandemic very seriously while also trying to maintain our Aussie light hearted sense of humour as much as we can.  Let’s be positive and kind to each other and hopefully this troubling time will also bring communities together to help us all be more connected.

Here’s what are we doing to ensure the safety of our staff and customers:

Staff Wellbeing

  1. We are each doing our best to adhere to the Australian Federal Health Department recommendations – regular washing of hands, coughing into elbows, no handshakes, immediate disposal of tissues, taking sensible social distancing measures, we are avoiding unnecessary travel outside of work
  2. We are adopting best practice whilst travelling on public transport – use face masks if appropriate, avoid touching surfaces / railings / handles where possible, distance from other passengers as much as possible
  3. We wash our hands on arrival at work

Customer Wellbeing

  1. Our three stores (Byron, Abbotsford and Fyshwick) are each located in industrial areas, not high retail foot traffic areas, customers should feel safe visiting our stores, but you have the option of ordering online or over the phone and we will deliver paint to you, saving you a trip or eliminating any risk from contact
  2. We’re making arrangements to create a sensible and practicable separation of our staff from customers, we have just 1 staff member in our Abbotsford and Fyshwick stores and 4 in our Byron store/factory and it’s not often we get two or more customers at the same time
  3. We are regularly cleaning down any surfaces customers likely to come in contact with (door handles, store counter, EFTPOS machine)

Product Wellbeing 

  1. We are making extra effort to keep stores clean and all surfaces wiped down
  2. We are making sure that our product leaves the store as clean as we can make it (handles and lids washed)
  3. Our couriers are changing their work practices to improve personal safety, we remain alert to any warning signs exhibited by couriers coming to our stores

Stuart McPhee
Ecolour National Sales Manager