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Healthy Paint, Creative Minds

Tobias and his family are passionate about living in a space free from the harmful affects of products that many of us take for granted….like volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in paint.  His research led him to Ecolour.   Our paint contains no harmful VOCs. VOCs are harmful chemicals that release (outgas) from paint as it...

Turning Dull into Brilliant

Sam Wortelhock left the UK in 1988 to travel to Australia, lured by stories of a primordial land and an ancient culture, and encouraged by a partner who had spent an idyllic childhood in Sydney.  But she found the city seemingly devoid of Aboriginality, yet the coastal landscape captivated her eager spirit and spoke of...

10-Star Energy Rating, 10-Star Finish

SUHO and Woolcock Construction have partnered to deliver South Australia’s first 10-star energy rated house (based on the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme rating scheme utilising accredited software AccuRate). Carefully considered design and construction have achieved very high energy efficiency, thermal comfort performance, air tightness, and creative heat recovery ventilation, all of which is enhanced...

What’s Old, is New Again

What’s Old is New Again We live in a wasteful era of fast everything – fashion, furniture, attention spans – so it was refreshing to hear Jacqueline and Ron’s story.  They did a fabulous job repurposing some good quality second hand furniture to make Flynn’s room just that little bit more special.  Using Ecolour’s zero-VOC...

5 Star Green Star Retail Store

We’d like to say a big congratulations to Ecolour customer Kathmandu on their first 5 Star Green Star retail store at 135 Elizabeth Street Melbourne! The timber finishes you can see in the video are Ecolour’s zero VOC Polyclear (tinted to a range of different colours):

Ecolour on Studio 10

Ecolour Paint was recently featured on Channel Ten’s morning show, Studio 10 (note, minimum order for free* delivery now $100).

Reno Rumble – Grand Final

In grand final week, Scott & Nadia used Silk Wort Quarter in the master bedroom, with Lisa and John choosing Tranquil Retreat Half for the second bedroom.   You can check out the final room reveals here:

Reno Rumble – Week 4

In the first combined house of the season, the contestants used Pax Quarter in the sunroom, Starlight Half in the master bedroom, and Deep Periwinkle in the bathroom.    You can check out the final room reveals here:

Reno Rumble – House 3

This week the Blue Team used Antique White USA in the living area and Hogs Bristle in the master bedroom.    The Red Team also used Antique White USA, with a slate grey feature wall in the living area.    You can check out the final room reveals here:

Reno Rumble – Week 2

This week it was all about whites in living areas for Blue Team, with a bright blue & gold feature wall in the bedroom.    The Red Team also stuck with white in the living areas, with an orange (peach) feature wall in the bedroom.    You can check out the final room reveals here: