LICENCED PAINTER:  Jason Miraziz (North Shore Painting Solutions) – Sydney, NSW
“I really like ecolour paints.  They glide on so smoothly – almost like Teflon paints.”  March, 2010

LICENCED PAINTER:  Joss Dubois – Lismore, NSW
“This is absolutely the best paint I have ever used.  So easy to apply and it covers like no other paint I have used before.”  October 2002

LICENCED PAINTER:  Avril Sothern (Women at Work) – Moorabbin, VIC
“My painters enjoyed using your paints especially the way they glide on … great coverage.”  March, 2010

LICENCED PAINTER:  Andrew Colley – Byron Bay, NSW
“I love the Tuscan flat it has great coverage and viscosity, it glides off the brush making cutting in that much quicker and easier” – May 2011

“I have been telling my painting colleagues that ecolour is the way of the future.  I recommend them on all my painting jobs. “  November, 2009

LICENCED PAINTER:  Ken Leach (Ken Leach Painting) – Carrs Park, NSW
“I used the Tuscan Flat and found it had great coverage even with the dark colours.  My 3rd Year apprentice really liked using your paints too.”

LICENCED BUILDER:  John Salton – Templestowe, VIC
“I used ecolour paints for the first time on a complete house in December 2009 and was so impressed with the quality and value add to my customers looking for a healthy and eco-friendly option that I will now only choose ecolour.”  March, 2010

LICENCED BUILDER:  Murray Gallagher – Lawson, NSW
“As a builder for 30 years I have used many paints, and this is amongst the best.  I recommend it for ease of application, excellent coverage and apparent durability … the recycling aspect makes it a fabulous all round product.”  March, 2007

PROFESSIONAL PAINTER: Jacob Forge – Coffs Harbour, NSW
“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Eco Living Interior that I bought. It is a wonderful product, so smooth to apply, good coverage and a pleasant smell. I look forward to using all your products in the future and thank you again for the wonderful customer service and helpful advice.” December, 2011

PROFESSIONAL PAINTER: Brian Nicol (Across the Board Property Maintenance) – Daw Park, SA
“After attending the Green Painters course recently, and becoming aware of the VOC content in floor clears on the market, I tried the zero VOC ecolour POLYCLEAR. To my pleasant surprise, I found it very good build-up floor clear product. In fairness, I applied this product over rough-sanded, and lime-washed floorboards. After 2 coats a smooth, semi-gloss finish was achieved. A third coat was applied for longevity, but didn’t change the appearance when dry.

As with all water based products, it didn’t self level, but as far as workability and brush/dry marks go, it’s good! I will be using it again, both for my heaths sake and customer comfort as it ‘smelled’ even less than conventional wall paints do when drying.

Happy with the product and the finished result.”  – June 2011

ARCHITECT:   Steve Trstenjak (Blue Architects & Designers) – Byron Bay, NSW
“ … as we were doing renovations in our own home we decided to give it a test run but ended up painting the whole house both internally and externally.  We were very impressed with the depth of colour … 12 months later it’s still looking great and we now specify ecolour paints on all our projects.”  March, 2007

SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANT: Chris Jensen (Greensphere Consulting) – Melbourne, VIC
“Great service, very easy to deal with, correct colour match and will highly recommend for all future work”



TRICARE ‘A recognised leader in retirement living and aged care’ : Peter Wieland
 (Licenced Painter) Mt Gravatt, Qld 
‘Residents and staff commented: ‘We wouldn’t have even known you were painting unless you had told us’.
‘Ecolour paints are very good for our working environment in aged care’.
‘Good coverage’
‘I used to be called Stinky Pete the Painter. Now they’ll have to find a new name for me” February, 2011

NORTH COAST DAIRY COOPERATIVE:  Daniel Wurm (Manager, Natural Painting Solutions) – Lismore, NSW
“We chose Ecolour for this project, because it offered zero-VOCs with no compromise in durability. We needed a product that gave outstanding scrubbability, because being a commercial warehouse, the client demanded it. But we also wanted to protect our health, and give the builder the option of going eco at no extra cost. The bonus was that the client was able to move in the very next day, and there were no nasty fumes to deal with. Other tradesmen were happy that we were using paint that dried quickly, and didn’t give off toxic fumes. The office staff and customers could get straight to work without any risk to their health. Using Ecolour was a no-brainer; it was simply a matter of making better choices”  March, 2010



DIY PAINTERS: Jacqueline and Micah Baker – Lithgow NSW
“Just wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with your products. We painted the interior of our home 3 years ago with Dulux wash and wear 101, and decided to repaint with ecolour after being thoroughly unimpressed with the Dulux product. The difference between ecolour and Dulux is absolutely amazing. Your product is smooh to the touch and any marks wipe off with ease, while cream cleanser was required to remove marks on the surfaces painted with Dulux. The fact that our three young children can sleep in their rooms while they are being painted is a huge bonus, and our daughter who is athsmatic, has had no reaction whatsoever.

We have been telling everyone we know about your wonderful product and will not use anything but ecolour ourselves from now on. Thank you for making such an environmentally and health friendly product” April 2011

DIY HOME BUILDER:  Sarah Cottingham – Ballarat, VIC
“We used Polyclear on our hardwood floors throughout the house and they look amazing!  We are using ecolour paints on the inside and outside of our new home and they look amazing as well.  Thank you ecolour for thinking of us!”  April, 2010

ELECTRICIAN:  Michael Patterson – Byron Bay, NSW
“No-one can pretend that painting is fun, but this is as close as it gets … the paint was easy to apply and gave a great result … and great value for money.”  January, 2009

DIY PAINTER:  Mark Baglieri – Federal, NSW
“I love your paint!!! … being able to sleep in my house was a real factor in buying this paint … I would highly recommend buying this paint.”  July, 2006

DIDGERIDOO ARTIST:  Adrian (Earth-Song Didgeridoo’s) – Wilsons Creek, NSW
“The natural beauty of the timbers used to make my Earth-Sing Didgeridoos has been enhanced by using Polyclear from ecolour.  I am very impressed. Amazing!  Wonderful!”  April, 2010

DIY PAINTER:  Johnny Self – Mullumbimby, NSW
“I painted my ply ceilings 3 years ago and we live in a sub-tropical climate.  I used (well-known brand) ceiling paint for half the ceilings and then discovered ecolour paints and painted the second half with it.  I am now needing to repaint the ceilings that have (well-known brand) on them as they are cracked and peeling while the ecolour paint still looks great.  I was also happier with the quality of finish … and it was far more pleasant to use and apply.”  February, 2010

DIY PAINTER:  Bernard Hocking – Tighes Hill, NSW
“Lovely, lovely paint!  Lovely to spray with.  I diluted it 12% – 15% and it seems the oil in the paint stopped it from being at all powdery like I have experienced with other paints.  Ecolour leaves a beautiful effect.”  March, 2010

DIY PAINTER:  Eleanor Adam – Ballina, NSW
“I was so surprised at the quality of this paint. … I’ve painted all my life and at 74 years old I’m hard to impress but here I am happy to recommend ecolour!”  April, 2007

DIY PAINTER: Zoe Coulan-McIntosh
“I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service. The paint arrived 9.30 am the day after I spoke to you. The paint is lovely, much less smelly than other paints and it spreads very well”  April 2011

DIY PAINTER: Sharon May – Buderim Qld
“Paint arrived safe and sound and I am just thrilled. Colours beautiful, love the plastic containers, easy to open. Paint goes on like a dream. In a nutshell thrilled and singing your praises on the woodwork forums.” August 2011

DIY PAINTER: Kylie Hawkins – Drumcondra VIC
“Slowly but surely our house is being painted and I just love the paint, my rooms look awesome. It’s been a pleasure to deal with you and your follow up is excellent. I would love to paint the rest of the house and even outside and when we do we’ll definitely choose ecolour.” August 2011

ARTIST: Bronwen Little – Melbourne VIC
“I have just started to paint my home throughout as a result of your eco friendly paint. Without it, the 70’s update would have remained. As much as we liked the Bio Oil paint series, they were  blotchy and the colours pale and limited. As an artist/illustrator that just won’t do! Before my first purchase, a staff member from ecolour was thorough in his scientific explanations and history of  the paint and I am far wiser for it. I wish I could remember his name………….. I am very happy to herald your arrival and look forward to a reduction in the courier costs and ………….. the downfall of DULUX.”  June 2011



HEALTH RESORT:  Steve Hankinson (Living Valley Springs) – Kin Kin, QLD
“We had recently repainted our guest rooms with (well-known brand) Low VOC paint and the next day we had a new intake of guests.  One of the ladies was chemically sensitive and had a reaction to the fumes so we had to find alternative accommodation for her.  We are now using ecolour zero VOC paints to ensure that we will never have that disaster happen again.”  February, 2010

PREGNANT MOTHER:  Emmah Doig – Brisbane, QLD
“As I was pregnant we were cautious and worried about paint odours but with your paints we didn’t even need to move out of the house as there was virtually no paint odour after the painter applied it.  We are very happy with the results and will be using it again.  December, 2006

DIY PAINTER:  Geneva Williamson (Mother) – Billinudgel, NSW
“We had repainted my youngest daughter’s bedroom in (well-known brand) which was meant to be their safe and eco-friendly range but when I put my daughter to bed that night she started coughing and gasping for breath.  I took her out of the room and let her sleep in the lounge.  I tried putting her back in her room over the next 3 nights and she had the same reaction.

SCHOOL:  Gavin Colley (Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School) – Byron Bay, NSW
“We have been using ecolour paints … for a few years now.  Of particular importance for us in a school environment, with children, is the no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) aspect of the paint.  There is no toxic smell while using the paint and no toxic smell when you lock up the room and come back the next day.  You can use the space immediately … We thoroughly recommend the product to everyone.”  January, 2010

DOCTOR:  John W. Travis M.D. – Mullumbimby, NSW
“In over 50 years of DIY painting I’ve never encountered a paint that goes on so smoothly, covers as well, costs so little, and doesn’t smell horrible.  Good for me and good for the planet …”  March 2007

LICENCED PAINTER:  George Weyers (G. Weyers Painting) – Mt Gambier, SA
“I have just found out that one of my long term painters has cancer and they reckon it could be from breathing the toxic fumes in the paint. “  April, 2010

ASTHMATIC: Andrew Haig – Mullumbimby, NSW
“I work 5 days a week at the ecolour store / factory. In the months I have worked at ecolour my asthma has given me no trouble and I’ve had no adverse reactions. Last week I visited two paint stores that were carrying traditional and low VOC paints in reasonably well ventilated areas. I spent less than 10 minutes in each store and in both cases there was no paint being mixed or being applied yet I was still overwhelmed by the fumes. As soon as I had left the second paint store I found myself reaching for my asthma medication as I had encountered breathing difficulties. This experience reassured me of the value of using ecolour zero VOC paint for my own health and for the health of our customers” March 2011



DIY PAINTER:  Bernard Hocking – Tighes Hill, NSW
“Lovely, lovely paint!  Lovely to spray with … Great that I can now use paints that are Certified Carbon Neutral as I want to build as sustainably as possible.”  March, 2010 

DESIGNER:  Mandy Rowe (Hot Art Design) – Byron Bay, NSW
“. … there was minimal paint smells, and the brushes just washed out in water.  I was also impressed with the fact that the paint was made with recycled sump oil – great idea in terms of trying to do something beneficial for our environment.”  July, 2008

BUSINESS OWNER:  Scott McKillop (Harmony Pizzeria) Suffolk Park, NSW
“We like the environmental aspect and found the paint surprisingly easy to apply to different surfaces.”  August, 2002

DIY PAINTER:  Carolyn Zantis – Mullumbimby, NSW
“I am thrilled to have discovered ecolour paints.  Not only do they meet my need to use products which are recycled and gentle on the environment, they are so wonderful to use.  No smell, rich and luscious textures and they glide on like molten chocolate.  What more could you ask for.”  April, 2009

MARRIAGE CELEBRANT:  Anthea Amore – Byron Bay, NSW
“We were looking for an environmentally friendly paint that is non-toxic to ourselves and our future children … they are beautiful to work with and we highly recommend them.  For us, in this day and age, there is no option, using environmentally friendly products is the only responsible action to take.”  September, 2007

DIY PAINTER:  Verity Templeton – Coffs Harbour, NSW
“I went looking for an environmentally friendly paint as we were trying to eliminate toxins in our lives.  … I then researched other brands on the internet and found ecolour to be better than those paints carrying the environmental label in regards to their VOCs.  I am by nature extremely sceptical however there was no need … I would have no reservations in using ecolour again for all my painting needs.”  July, 2009

DIY BUILDER:  Matt – Federal, NSW
“The best thing about ecolour paint is it is environmentally friendly but are cost and performance comparable to standard products.”  March, 2006