Eden on the River

Project Overview

New 206 apartment development, with a focus on sustainability and superior resident experience.



The Challenge: Build a quality residential development within a tight timeframe without strong paint fumes detracting from the experience of occupants.

Owner experience is critical

The Solution: As a zero-VOC paint, ecolour won’t leave nasty toxic fumes, creating a much more enjoyable experience from day one with no toxic outgassing.

Results & Testimonials

Healthier Buildings

With zero VOCs, Ecolour helps contribute to the best possible air quality.

Enhanced Construction Process

“We have been enjoying using Ecolour …. as we don’t have to shut down the whole floor when the painters are spraying, as this is what we have always had to do. Ecolour enable the work site to operate more efficiently and it doesn’t compromise the health of workers on site” – Tony Juric, CFMEU Shop Steward, LU Simon

“We have noticed that our eyes don’t burn when we are spraying ceiling paint like they do with other paints.” – Clem, foreman Purple Hills Painting

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