Jupiters Casino

Project Overview

Refurbishment of Large Gaming Room, involving wallpaper removal, wall repair and painting.



The Challenge: A quick turnaround was essential, as other gaming room were struggling to fit customers. 20 painters were onsite and commenced undercoating with a major paint brand, resulting in toxic fumes traveling through the airconditioning vents into the rest of the casino. Customer complaints put a halt to the painting, with the casino forced to consider shutting down the worst affected areas.

Maintaining air quality is essential to casino operations

The Solution: Ecolour Primer Undercoat was applied over the recently painted walls, as well as on the remaining surfaces still requiring undercoating.  All paint smells disappeared and the casino was able to resume normal operations.

Results & Testimonials

Loss Minimisation

Quick thinking from Programmed in making the switch over to Ecolour helped the casino minimize the losses they would have incurred with patrons vacating gaming rooms to escape the fumes from the major paint brand. The painters were also impressed with coverage and adhesion. Furthermore, the upgrade to Ecolour allowed Jupiters to maintain their commitment to “environmental best practice while maintaining the highest level of comfort and service”.

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