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Product Description

Timber and Concrete Hard Surface Sealer

Polyclear is a unique and tough hard surface sealer that provides maximum protection. It has a clear, hard polyurethane type finish.


Polyclear is suitable for interior use on most surfaces and can be tinted to many colours. Interior timber including doors, trim work, furniture; perfect for timber and concrete internal floors; exterior use but it is advisable to tint as it will provide extra UV protection for the timber underneath; use as a binder for previously painted surfaces. Not suitable for surfaces where water can form puddles as it will appear milky until water dries. Polyclear can be used to help to bind lightly rusty or flaking surfaces to provide better adhesion for paint.

Available Finishes

  • Satin Sheen Level


Can be tinted to match all available colours.


This paint will cover up to 14 square metres per litre on smooth surfaces and up to 8 square metres on rough or previously unpainted surfaces.

Surface Preparation

Ensure surfaces to painted are clean and free of dust, dirt, mould and grease. Previously painted surfaces must be sanded down thoroughly removing any flaking or blistering. Concrete surfaces require thorough deep etch cleaning.


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